Facility technology and AV are crucial parts of your company’s day to day operations. However, many businesses experience issues with lighting and HVAC systems that are difficult to control and expensive to manage. Inside the boardroom, everyone has experienced headaches when setting up for a meeting or sales presentation. Devices won’t connect, messy cables are everywhere, and lighting is difficult to control.

InvictusX can help you get control of your facility and streamline the technology in your boardrooms and conference rooms. Save energy and simplify morning start up and office shutdown routines with automated lighting and HVAC controls from wall panels or a mobile device app. Create plug-and-play meeting and presentation environments for your entire office and deliver digital signage to your customers.

The InvictusX Building Automation team can:

  • Personalize boardroom display and presentation setups

  • Centralize and simplify lighting and HVAC management

  • Integrate meeting room booking with Microsoft Exchange

  • Create digital signage and display systems

  • Intelligently manage access controls and CCTV