Alarm Systems

InvictisX install state–of-the-art equipment and business grade alarm systems offering a wide range of protection from burglary, tampering, as well as environmental threats from fire, gas leaks, smoke, flood, temperature fluctuations and more.

We can install new alarm systems for your business or take over and even upgrade your existing one. Enhance your system with the ability to have full remote access services and Smart Monitoring.

Get the most out of today’s technology. Our systems allows you to have remote access to your alarm from smartphones and computers, automation for lighting and HVAC, real time video look-in.

You are in control of your business, from your office, your home, or on the road.

Access Control Systems

Having keyless entry and door access control in your facilities is a major part of protecting your business. In addition to regulating access to your building, you may also need to restrict entry to certain inside areas with higher security needs such as file rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas, etc.

You could give employees different keys to different rooms and then be forced to change locks with employee turnover, but this is cumbersome, costly, and not very effective. You can eliminate these hassles by having InvictusX in Sydney install an electronic access control system with proximity card readers, that enables you to control and restrict access to specific areas/doors, to certain employees, certain times of the day or specific days of the month.


It is your choice. Control entry access to your whole building or just one door… with the stroke of a computer key.

CCTV Camera Systems

The Security Video Surveillance (CCTV) system is a set of devices (cameras,recorder etc) that allow you to monitor your property locally and remotely 24 hours a day. 

Modern CCTV has many positive aspects for both the small business and household.

In addition to well-known and obvious safety features, video monitoring provides proactive protection of your property.

Unlike traditional video surveillance systems, IP systems are more functional and allow you to use the existing network infrastructure to deploy Video Surveillance.The main advantages of IP systems are: high definition images, higher  transfer speed and data encryption.

Our highly qualified installers and network engeneers can design and implement the best IP-based video surveillance system to suit your needs and fit your budget.